BENDER was Without a Paddle’s prize for winning the inagaural Offcut Festival.  A ground breaking theatrical experiment; BENDER was the first play inspired by stories and anecdotes posted on Facebook! We had over 200 BENDER fans who have posted the weird and wonderful things that have happened to them on their craziest nights out. The result was a riotous rollercoaster of a play, filthy and funny, filled with euphoria, despair, lager and knob gags. BENDER follows Billy, Lizzy and Fibs as they fall off the wagon in spectacular style, and embark on a night of unparalleled debauchery.  Starring Matthew Gammie, Natasha Campbell and Chris Urch.  Scroll down for video promo.

The standout performances and direct nature of the script makes this such a captivating piece of theatre.★ ★ ★ ★              

London Fringe Festival Front Page on BENDER