Chicken Shop

Chicken Shop Book ImageHendrix is growing up. Or at least he’s trying to. But he’s sick of his mother and her constant preaching on the virtues of an organic lifestyle. And he’s sick of her girlfriend, a twenty-something stunner who winds him up relentlessly. But most of all he is sick of the bullies at school who target him viciously, thinking if his mum is gay then he must be too.

In a desperate attempt to prove his masculinity, Hendrix enters a very adult world and gets far more than he bargained for.

Written by Anna, Directed by Jemma Gross and produced by Epsilon Productions, Chicken Shop played at Park Theatre for the month of September 2014.

Chicken Shop won West End Frame’s Fringe Production of the Year Award 2014!

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Chicken Shop has also had productions in the USA and Germany.

Chicken Shop Trailer from Epsilon Productions on Vimeo.