Marianne By Anna Jordan - Video

They were ever so good.  Parked the Panda car at the top of the street so as not to cause a fuss.  I’ve often wondered, as they walked down the road and saw us in the front garden,  chatting and drinking our tea, if they thought about giving us just a little more time.  They could have stopped and smoked a cigarette, or even tied their shoelaces.  Just to give us a few more minutes, seconds even, of oh-so blissful ignorance.  Before they said the words that would change our lives forever.  That would mean, in many ways, our lives were over.

Cath and David have lost a child. Allie has lost a best friend. And Ash has gained a heart. Marianne follows the paths of four people, whose worlds have been changed beyond recognition by one event. Marianne is a play about grief and love, about youth and age, about life standing still and life moving on, about being alive and being dead.   Without a Paddle Theatre presents this dark, poignant and often funny play, which explores the person-shaped hole that is left in your life when somebody dies.  Written and directed by Anna Jordan, Marianne enjoyed a sell out run at Wimbledon Studio Theatre in May 2010.