We Anchor In Hope

Written by Anna Jordan, Directed by Hamish Pirie

Royal Court Theatre’s Beyond the Court

“To endings. To beginnings. To the Anchor.” Pimlico’s local pub, The Anchor, closes for good tomorrow. For Landlord Kenny, his loyal staff and faithful regulars it’s the end of an era. As gastro-pubs pop up around them and public houses become private flats, they’re determined to go out with a bang. Tonight they’re drinking the bar dry as a bone. History, like spilt beer, has seeped into the carpet. There’s more to lose here than just a pub. “Overheads. Maintenance. Craft Beer. Netflix. There’s a million and one reasons. We got one more night – let’s make it a good one.”

We Anchor in Hope is a fictional piece written by Anna Jordan, inspired by interviews and drinking sessions carried out in and around Pimlico with Anna and Scott Le Crass. It was performed script in hand as part of Royal Court Theatre’s Beyond the Court residency at LALGRA Community Hall in Pimlico, in September 2016. It was directed by Hamish Pirie.